Kasey Wilson Photography

Welcome, I'm Kasey Wilson!

I'm a professional pet photographer and a storyteller (through photos of course)! But most importantly, I'm an ANIMAL LOVER!!

As a pet photographer, I believe that every fluffy buddy has a unique story to tell.  Whether it's a regal portrait of your majestic feline, a playful action shot of your daredevil doggy, or a heartwarming family photo with all your fluffy loved ones, I'm here to create professional "paw-some" memories that will last a lifetime!

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash the joy, the laughter, and the unconditional love of your pets - and let me be the one to turn those moments into treasured artworks that will bring smiles to your faces for years to come.

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Emma & Copper

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"I had my dog Copper photographed by Kasey Wilson Photography, and we both loved every minute of it. I had never gotten pet photos taken before, but it was an amazing experience. She was professional, punctual, flexible, and willing to withstand a little rain! Copper loved hanging out with her. We went to a dog park near home and took some amazing outdoor photos. When she sent me the link for the pictures, I was amazed at how beautiful my pup looked! They are incredible quality!"

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